Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dreaming of Spring!

I am planning gardens for the coming spring. I am always inspired as I look at photos from the previous seasons and thought I would share a few with you.   I just learned I received an award for use of color in the garden from the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado.  This makes number 11 for me and it is always exciting to hear the news.  Thanks to the crews and everyone involved in installation and maintenance of these gardens to make them as beautiful as they are from the design process forward.

Happy New Year

I am so excited about my blog.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge and ideas with you and hope you enjoy and can use some of my ideas.  My daughter helped me by setting up my blog and did a great job!  Thanks Katy! 

Our family
We had a great trip to Texas to visit family and are now back in Colorado settling in for the new year.  We are back at work and school.  I enjoyed having my girls home for Christmas and always hate to see them go but are so proud of the young ladies they have become.  It was a great Christmas and I enjoyed every minute of it!
Julie and Laura posing with their new presents.
I am always excited when the new year starts and the winter solstice has passed.  It means we are that much closer to spring!  I am planning and dreaming of spring.  It was really cold last week-end but warmed up this week.  My Texas family would say it is still freezing.  We got our first substantial snow fall last week.  We had a great long fall but now it is time for the snow.  Even I have to say it is beautiful and does make the garden look beautiful.  We certainly needed the moisture.  My pansies and bulbs love the blanket of snow!

Winter blanket for the garden

Hydrangeas and Aspen in my winter garden